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Winston Storage Trunk

£229.00 £169.00

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Store your household and personal items safely, while adding a wonderful furniture piece in your home with the single drawer Winston storage trunk, featuring a natural linen and classic wood effect finish. The sturdy trunk is made from durable MDF which is covered with natural linen for a charming feel, while the wooden effect design brings a touch of warmth and tradition to the cabinet. Metal detailing, with brass effect finish, further accentuates a worldly look. The single drawer is suitable for storing books, magazines, clothing and general knick-knacks, helping to keep your room organised and tidy. A hinged top features a locking clasp and provides extra storage space. Brown leather effect handles allow for easy access to your drawers, while retaining its charming look. A functional and fashionable addition in your home, the Winston storage trunk with single drawer will provide a stylish way to keep your home tidy.

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Dimensions80 × 43 × 43 cm